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Health, vitality, willingness to spawn and blaze of colors to old age, that is what every aquarist wants for his fish. To keep the own fish with the best and most suitable products, that is the basic idea of Discusfood.

"The fish is the focus of our developments." Udo Thraen

Geophagus spec. Tapajos
The daily feed is a major factor for healthy fish!

Granulate Day by Day & SouthAmerican Cichlids
Special high-grade fish feeding stuff are the strength of Discusfood. Using our pastes, almost all fish can be nourished in a very natural way. Young discus are dependent of the secretion in the mucous membrane of their parents. By our Artemia nauplii paste you have optimal substitute feeding.

For Aufwuchs feeding fish as loricariids or many East African cichlids you put the paste to stones or other substrate. This kind of food intake is matched to the needs of these species. The fish can graze their food untroubled as in nature.

As side action feeding of pastes gives aquarists happiness. Most fish are crazy for a small chunk of Premium paste, fixed at the front screen. The pastes adhere by itself. Simply use the enclosed spoon to form a ball. Then press it on glass or substrate.
Premium Pasten für fast alle Fische Meanwhile, the product range of pastes has increased to 10 different varieties. The whole range of all our feedingstuff, of technical and other products will be specified from August 2016 in our new online-shop. For questions send an email (see the address below in the footer) or follow us at Facebook.
Very early, Udo Thraen employed the desire to offer his breeding discus a high-grade nutrition. Also he focused from the beginning to an economically priced solution. With the help of some prominent friends from the international discus scene he developed a feed, to make fishkeeper's life easier, while guaranteeing optimal nutrition for your fish. The company Discusfood UG was founded.

Discus Leopard bei Discusfood

At first, Discusfood offered only a few varieties of feed, developed exclusively for discus. Later, the range included an abundance of different feed, suitable for almost all ornamental fish.

Today several people are not only engaged with fish feed, but also with filter media, aquarium technology and various accessories for different applications. Always with the aim, to offer a good product with a good price/performance ratio.